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have you ever walked on the streets and saw a moment that you wanted to capture, but you were too scared to take the photograph? do you want to
become more confident shooting in the streets and learn how to better
interact with your subjects?
do you want to meet other street photographers that are as equally
passionate about street photography or interested in learning like you?

to discuss: street photography versus documentary photography

in this action packed 3-day weekend workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of street photography, how to create visually compelling images, how to conquer your fear of shooting street photography, as well as tips & tricks how to capture “the decisive moment.“
the workshop will be an intimate experience in which you will learn solid fundamentals, get honest & constructive criticism on how to improve your photos, and meet other enthusiastic street photographers.
this workshop is ideal for beginner or intermediate street photographers.

friday, july-31 / 17h until sunday, aug-2 / 18h

€ 495,- (early bird)
€ 800,- (after june-30=)