brillen manufaktur
7., neubaugasse18
mo-fr 10-18.30, sa 10-17h,

spectacles are more than
merely a visual aid! anyone
sharing this philosophy and 
atthe same time values 
trendsaside from the 
is sure to feel right at
home in the
brillen manufaktur.
the collection of this
exceptional optician,
ranges from a broad
assortment of innovative
models created at the hands
of young and highly
dedicated designers,
to an exclusive selection
of limited edition
spectacles of the
highest, technical quality.
be sure to check out
their equally versatile
assortment of sunglasses.
anyone having trouble choosing
from this large selection,
can rely on the friendly and
professional consultation of a
highly trained opticians team.
services range from repairs,
over the measurement of
visual acuity up to contact lens